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A-ha participará en un funeral conmemorativo por las víctimas de los recientes atentados cometidos en Noruega

There will be a national memorial service after the attacks on the executive government quarter and Utøya, and a-ha will perform as part of the ceremony which will take place at Oslo Spektrum on August 21.


Here is a statement from Morten, Magne and Paul:

On 22 July, we, like everyone else in Norway and the rest of the world, were shaken to the soul by these actions of cruelty and violent provocation against everything we stand for. We are also very proud to belong to a small country where people, politicians and the royal family worked together and showed solidarity in the face of such tragedy, and we are grateful to be asked to participate in the memorial ceremony.

We do this to honor those who have been torn away, to show appreciation to everyone who made an effort to help on July 22, and to express our sympathy to the survivors who now are left in sorrow.

Following the attacks, many of our fans posted messages of concern and support on our Facebook page, and we are touched as always that members of the worldwide fan community feel such a strong tie with Norway. Here are just a few of the kind messages we received:

“Can’t help but think of the band during this horrible time of tragedy…my thoughts are with you, your families, and the beautiful people of Norway.” ~ Lisa B.

“Norway, a-ha fans across the world feel your pain right now.” ~ John K.

“I’m so sorry about what happened in Norway yesterday; I hope you and your families and friends are ok. Be strong.” ~ Alysson S.

“Thoughts are with the people of Oslo, a place close to my heart as it brought me the best band in the world. Love you a-ha x” ~ Jennie E.

“Norway gave us the most amazing band in the world. I’m therefore sending good thoughts and much compassion to the Norwegians after today’s atrocities. You will rise above this.” ~ Claire G.

“I pray to God with all my heart that you three and your families are well and safe. God bless Norway and their people and God bless you a-ha x” ~ Tracey M.

“We are here for you Norway.” ~ Charlotte P.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Norway in this very sad moment. a-ha I grieve with you for the loss of your dear people.” ~ Juliette B.

“Bless Norway and its people, especially the victims of the tragedy and the people who love them.” ~ Geoffrey H.

“Dear a-ha, I’m so sad…our thoughts are with all people in Norway. All a-hafriends are with you. Kisses from Argentina.” ~ Maria Gabriela S.

“Love and blessings to Norway. May your country only grow stronger from this tragedy.” ~ Bridget S.

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Press Release

For more information about the ceremony program, please read this press release.

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