miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

Novedades desde a-ha.com

 Ganá una copia de "25"

Warner UK is giving away 10 copies of a-ha’s greatest hits CD ’25′! All you have to do to enter for a chance to win a CD is help promote the band through your Facebook and Twitter! Do one of the following for a chance to get your hands on the album:
  • Update your Facebook profile with a message promoting the release of ’25′ on October 4! Make sure you tag the a-ha Facebook page in the post.
  • Update your Twitter account with a message promoting the release of ’25′, and remember to use @aha_com in your post.
  • Change your Facebook profile picture to the ’25′ album cover.
If you do any of the above, take a screen grab and post it to the Facebook page as proof of your entry! Next week 10 people will be picked at random to win the CDs. Good luck!

Banda Soporte para los próximos shows: 
We are pleased to announce the opening acts for a-ha’s October concert dates.
Jimmy Gnecco will be opening for a-ha at the following upcoming concerts:
  • October 10 – Amsterdam
  • October 11 – Brussels
  • October 12 – Paris
  • October 14 – Madrid
  • October 15 – Barcelona
  • October 17 – Basel
Jimmy Gnecco has released three albums with the band Ours, and is now releasing his first solo album called The Heart. For more information about Jimmy Gnecco, visit these sites:
Official Site | MySpace | Twitter